Reciprocal Inhibition Modality


Tru Day Spa, LLC offers a variety of different Massage Modalities;  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chair, Therapeutic Massage, Full Hot Stone Massage, and Treatment Massage. All massages include Hot Stones ( 2 – 4 stones and more would be considered a Hot Stone Massage), Hot Towels, hand cream, & foot cream. More Modalities of Massage to come as we collect only the Best Licensed Massage Therapists.

Swedish Massage: A relaxing massage just let the worries disappear for at least during massage. No Release work, just perfect R&R.

Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage are in essence the same.  Both styles at Tru Day spa incorporate one to two Reciprocal Inhibition Release work.  This is Tru Day Spa’s Signature Modality, Reciprocal Inhibition Technique (ie. Myo Release).  Whether you have a tight muscle causing a wrinkle on your forehead or you pulled your Hamstring, we can assist you to release the muscle causing your tension.  Therapeutic Massage will release two Myo (Muscle) per one hour massage.  If you require additional Myo releases over the stipulated 2 we advise to add an additional 15 Minutes of Treatment Massage.

Treatment Massage is a medical massage.  Modified Reciprocal Inhibition Technique will be applied to treat all Muscles that are affected within a prescription of soft injury.  Because an injury can have multiple muscles that hinder Muscle repair we will warm up tissue of concern, loosen the Fascia, & release affected muscles.  This treatment massage should relieve most tight shoulders, neck problems, job injuries, and soft tissue issues.

Chair Massage is a great way to relax in the middle of the day.  Have us work on your shoulders while your still dressed.

Full Fledged Hot Stone Massage is a Swedish Massage with Hot Stones.  During any other massage at our spa we use hot stones to warm up tissue for a more effective treatment.  During a Hot Stone Massage approximately 15 – 30 Hot stones will be the main tool used to relax your sole.


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