TMJD Massage Treatments

Jaw Pain
Intra-Oral Massage Therapist on duty. Edaa (Edie) M. MCCue, LMP MA60254000

What is TMJD?

TMJ involves the Temporal-Mandibular Joint located on either side of your face that hinges your jaw. TMJD is a dysfunction within the Temporal -Mandibular Joint and may cause discomfort to any soft tissue associated with this joint.


The primary symptoms include: Intense shooting pain in the head, clicking of the jaw, difficulty chewing and headaches.

If you experience any of these symptoms please Go to Doctor to confirm that your specific pain is caused by your jaw and no other more sever reasons.  You can get a prescription for TMJD from your doctor or your dentist.


Mainly inflammation or damage to the joint.  This can be caused by an accident, trauma to the jaw or neck, extended dental work,  chewing gum, STRESS, Etc.


TMJD is a disorder that is in between a few professional medical fields;  Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Now Massage Therapists.  We all want to help decrease peoples pain in their jaws but the best treatment options is what the patient “YOU” decide what ever works best for you.

“Please remember that if muscles are tight due to improper alignment, they will not properly align the bones that they support and move, which will lead to a dysfunction. ” Edaa McCue, LMP

Edie’s Preferred TMJD Treatment:

Following a 45 Minute Focus on the upper body Therapeutic Massage or Treatment massage.

Your Massage therapist/Esthetician will 1st cleanse your skin & warm up your cheeks with either warm towels or warm stones, a relaxing scalp massage and facial massage that focuses on your facial expressions.  After you are completely relaxed your therapist will use an effective muscles release method “Modified” Reciprocal Inhibition Release Work within the 2 most common Myo (Muscles) associated with TMJD discomfort; Lateral Pterygoid Muscle & the Medial Pterygoid Muscle.

Before you leave the treatment table your skin will be toned, hydrated, & your Jaw will finally have a little relief.

Complete Treatment Time 75 Minutes $150

15 Minutes of TMJD Release $37.50 w/o any extra service time.  Perfect to add treatment after a Hot Yoga Session.

Please Click the following link to book you TMJD Treatment and or any other services provided by Tru Day Spa, LLC.


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